Millie Savage jewellery is known to release super powers such as turning you into a mermaid and transporting you into another dimension. To enhance your powers, put glitter on your nipples and run around naked.  

Millie Savage is a young jewellery artist originally from the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, Australia. Her obsession with the magic and beauty that can be found in life's smallest things is reflected in her works, her opal rings often looking like little worlds of wonder you can dive into and immerse yourself in. After sourcing the best quality stones, gold and silver she hand makes each piece.

Millie has recently moved her life and studio from Melbourne to Bali, Indonesia but her working process has not changed and all jewellery is still 100% hand made by Millie. Each stone is also ethically sourced by Millie, the majority of opals coming from Lighten Ridge, NSW, Australia, direct from miner to jeweller. Furthermore, Millie is learning to cut her own opals and helps to oversea the whole process as well. No factory or mass production will ever be involved and each piece is unique.

Millie Savage pieces look best when styled with sequinned flares, iridescent jellyfish ball gowns and a whole lot of sass. Ethically sourced high quality materials, fun design and a true love for jewellery making, ensures a rad level of craftsmanship and promises each piece is magic in your hands for years to come X

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